The Girls!

These are a few more drawings I did as part of the 4forFUN project! Here I selected a few female characters, which by itself is a category with lots of appeal and interest. I see more and more artists whose primary focus are on female drawings and portraits. Over the web it seems a natural trend. 

Although I know the power of female characters - just see the amount of female lead characters in Disney movies - I tend to draw varied archetypes, and maybe gravitate around comic / funny types for cartoon drawing most of the times. Especially animal types are a subject I'm usually inclined to. I also love traditional fantasy illustration, something a seldomly have the chance to get involved professionally, but I like it a lot, specially, pen drawing. But that's something for another post.

I, off course, also love female characters myself, but don't get the chance to draw them a lot. When it comes to animating it, it's definitely one of the hardest subjects to do properly! So this time I tried to capture a bit of the female beauty in those designs. They are quite finished, but not really developed, I didn't try variations or real development, just went directly for the "illustration" type of design. I did the drawings traditionally, and cleaned them up on paper, then applied digital color on PS. Further developing some of those characters are definitely part of my plans for the future. It has being a load of fun, though. Hope you are well, and a Happy New Year to all you guys!



My version of "Conan" for the 80's homage at 4forFUN! The movies and comic book where a huge influence in my teen years, spent taking notes on record sheets and rolling dice. I'm considering doing some other characters from the movies, eventually! =)


Skater, Viking and the Aviator!

The Skater, The Viking and the Aviator from the Land of Tomorrow, with his side Kick, Monkee, are a few character that I recently created and designed along with fellow artists at 4forFUN! I used mostly a brownish yellow palette on this characters, with the addition of bluish elements. I tried not to be too saturated, something that often happens in digital painting! I hope you guys are enjoying it, It has being a FUN ride! Best!


Having Fun at 4forFUN!

I'm having a lot of fun drawing every week for the BLOG 4forFUN. We are a group of four artists including Paulo Ignes, Ivan Oviedo Peque and Myself. Our goal is to develop one character based on a theme every week. The main focus in most of my career have been on animation. It was just a few years ago that I started to get more and more interested on Visual Development and Story. When I was invited to join this team, I thought it would be a great challenge, and accepted immediately! It has being indeed a great experience and I'm having the chance to learn along the way! 

Recentemente tenho me divertido desenhando toda semana para o BLOG 4forFUN, um grupo de 4 artistas, além de mim, os talentosos Paulo Ignez, Peque e Ivan Oviedo. O objetivo, desenhar um personagem baseado num tema por semana! Durante a maior parte da minha carreira, meu foco foi em animação. Story e Visual development são assuntos relativamente novos pra mim, que de uns anos pra cá vem cada vez mais me interessando. Quando o Paulo me convidou para o 4forFUN, pensei, poxa tá aí um desafio. Topei na hora! Tem sido uma experiência gratificante e estou tendo a chance de aprender muito durante o processo, convivendo com outros artistas tão bons. É empolgante ver a galeria crescendo!

Aqui tem alguns desenhos divertidos que postei por lá, quem não viu ainda, espero que apreciem! 



I did this elephant sketch a while ago. Sometimes when I visit the zoo for life drawing I end up having inspiration for creating more stylized designs. I used a soft orange pass with col-erase pencils and graphite on top of it. Later I scanned it and felt I should add some digital color mimicking markers. Hope you guys like it!

Eu fiz esse sketch de elefante a um tempo, sempre que vou ao zoo e desenho animais, tenho idéia pra traduzir em designs mais estilizados. Eu usei lapis col-erase laranja bem leve e depois no mesmo desenho uma linha preta. Apliquei cor digital imitando markers. Espero que gostem!